What Elderly Abuse Looks Like

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elderly abuse attorney billings, elderly abuse laywer billingsAs supporters of the elderly, Tourtlotte Law Firm wants the members of our community to understand how abuse happens to the elderly and what can be done to resolve it. People have misperceptions about elderly abuse, but to understand it as a reality and something that truly happens and often ends without justice served.

What Does Elderly Abuse Look Like?

Elderly abuse happens in several different ways. People often think that the elderly are safer living with family members than they are living in a care facility. The truth is, elderly abuse can happen in any setting.

Elderly abuse can be physical, emotional, and financial even. Let’s talk about these 3 types of elderly abuse:

  1. Elderly people do not have to be smacked around or hit to be considered abused by their caretakers. Neglecting the needs of an individual in your care is a common form of elderly abuse and neglect. Denying the elderly patient water, food, or warmth is a form of abuse. Rough handling the elderly, dropping them, not cleaning or addressing their personal hygiene is considered physical abuse according to the law.
  2. Emotional abuse happens in many households and is not limited to the elderly. However, emotional abuse is more easily hidden. Especially with patients that suffer from dementia or other types of memory loss and cannot remember. If they can’t remember, they can’t tell. Being ignored, taunted, or isolated can do significant damage to an elderly in need. If you suspect any type of abuse, please contact the attorney’s at Tourtlotte Law who can jump in and help your loved one.
  3. Financial abuse is something people think about but can be overlooked as we are more concerned with the safety of our loved ones. Caretakers have been known to coerce the elderly into signing documents that they don’t understand, not realizing that they are being frauded out of money and other personal items. Not only is this extremely illegal, but it is also severely damaging to the life of the individual being abused.

At Tourtlotte Law Firm, we know that the elderly require help and caretaking just like children do at some point. They are innocent people that are trusting their caretakers with their physical bodies, their time, and their finances. Unsuspecting individuals will be taken advantage of and will get away with it if the abuse is left unnoticed and swept under the wrong.

If you suspect elderly abuse, do not sweep it under the rug. Do not let it go unnoticed. An innocent person is being taken advantage of and hurt, it is your obligation to step in and tell someone so that that person can get the help that they need. If you suspect abuse, please step up and call the professional attorneys at Tourtlotte Law Firm in Billings. We have experience, education, and the knowledge to know what kind of case is present, and what steps we need to take to start a claim against the people responsible for the abuse. Your phone call is the protection that a person in need requires to move toward safety. Call Us Today.