Workman’s Compensation: Preparing To Meet With Your Attorney

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work comp attorney billings, work comp lawyer billingsHiring an attorney to help you with a workers compensation claim can change the outcome of your case completely. Without an attorney, many people have been denied the benefits that they were entitled to because they did not have a fair understanding of the laws and their rights regarding workers’ comp benefits. Hiring an attorney will save a lot of stress and help you get the very best outcome possible. Before you meet with your attorney, you should take some steps to prepare for the meeting so that both you and your attorney have the information that you need. If you live in the Billings area, contact the professional attorney’s at Tourtlotte Law to represent you and make sure that you are protected during the claim process.

How To Prep For Your Meeting

Before you meet with your attorney, be sure to have all of the necessary information that your attorney will need to get started.

  1. Summary – Your case is going to require a lot of information about your job. Prepare chronological dates that are easy to follow and document. Create a timeline of events with information such as:
    1. Hire date
    2. Date of the injury and how it happened
    3. Date that your employer was notified of the injury
    4. Time and place of first treatment
    5. Overview of continued treatment
  2. Documentation – Once you have a timeline of the events that occurred, you will want to make sure you have all of the necessary documentation for proof. You should have copies of the report of the injury to your employer, medical records and bills (including names and contact information for any medical providers sought for treatment), and information regarding witnesses of the accident.
  3. Questions – Make sure you are prepared with a list of questions that you have for your consultation. If you have questions about the attorney’s qualifications and experience with the type of claim that you have, be sure to ask. If your claim has complicated issues, be sure to bring them up and get your attorney’s feedback about how they would be handled. Ask about fees and success rates. You want to walk away from your initial visit confident that your attorney can properly and effectively handle your case.
  4. Future Preparation – Ask your attorney what you can do while the legal proceedings are happening. There may be things that you should or should not do while the legal work is being prepped. Your attorney should make sure you understand your rights and guide you on the best possible path to win your case.

You do not have to face a worker’s compensation case on your own, nor should you. If you have been injured on the job, make sure you contact the professional team at Tourtlotte Law in Billings, Montana. We have the experience and education necessary to make sure you are treated fairly and just. If you are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits, be sure to rely

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What Is Workers’ Compensation?

workers compensation lawyer billings

workers compensation lawyer billingsWorkers’ compensation is a state benefit allowed to employees who have been injured on the job. Because this is a state-mandated insurance, the laws around workers’ compensation vary from state to state. Typically, worker’s compensation benefits can be awarded to a person with an illness or injury that is work-related regardless of is responsible for the injury. Also, the employee receiving the benefits does not have to be at his workplace to be covered. If the injury is job-related it can be covered. For instance, if an employee is driving from a workplace to a work site and is involved in a car accident, it would be work-related.

Work-Related Injuries That Do Not Qualify

Though most work-related injuries will be covered by workers’ compensation, there are some that will not be awarded the benefit. To receive workers’ comp benefits, employees are usually asked to submit to drug and alcohol testing. An intoxicated or drug-impaired injury will not be awarded the benefit. Benefits will also be denied to those who are injured due to a physical altercation he started, committing a crime, and violating the policies of the company.

What Will Workers’ Comp Cover And How Long Will It Be Awarded

There are many chronic and long-term conditions that happen on the job. Some jobs have resulted in long-term heart and lung conditions that require long-term treatment. Other conditions that can be covered by workers’ compensation are chronic back and muscle problems, repetitive stress injuries and even stress-related issues like digestive tract problems. However, not all injuries require long term treatment. If an employee has cut himself and requires stitches, but long-term damage does not occur, the employee will be awarded the benefits to treat the injury. Basically, if the injury can be proven to be work-related, it could be covered by workers’ comp benefits.

Does My Employer Offer Workers’ Compensation?

Not all employers are required by law to provide workers’ compensation benefits. There are many stipulations surrounding an employer’s responsibility to carry the benefit including, how many employees there are and what type of work they are performing. There are many exclusions regarding the benefit of seasonal and temporary employees. To understand more about Idaho workers’ compensation benefits, contact Tourtlotte Law in Billings.

Why Should I Hire An Lawyer If I Have Been Injured?

It isn’t always necessary to hire an attorney for a work-related injury and to receive worker’s compensation benefits. However, an employer does have the right to dispute a workers’ compensation claim and deny the work-related injury. In this instance, it is best to hire a lawyer that is experienced in workers’ compensation claims, like Tourtlotte Law. An attorney will understand the specific laws and requirements surrounding workers’ comp benefits in your state and will help gather the evidence needed to prove why the injury is work related and why workers’ compensation benefits should be awarded. Sometimes, even seemingly straight-forward and easy claims get denied. Although hiring an attorney doesn’t seem necessary, it really can save a lot of time and money to hire an experienced lawyer from the beginning. Avoid the pain of denied claims and heavy disputes by calling the experienced professionals at Tourtlotte Law today.

Making Your Workers’ Comp Claim Count

Workers compensation is a great asset for employees, especially those who suffer injuries related to the job and are forced to take time off work but don’t have the resources to do so. If you suffer an injury related to your job you could likely qualify for workers’ compensation of some form. To get the full compensation you deserve and not be so worried about the time off work your injury may force you to take you will want to hire a qualified lawyer to represent you. Tourtlotte Law in the Billings, Montana area specializes in workers’ comp law and will help you earn all the compensation you deserve and be right alongside you every step of the way. Below are five tips for really making your workers’ comp claim count.

Be Mindful of Who is Watching

Insurance companies obviously want to avoid paying out money as much as possible. As a result, they will sometimes put surveillance on your to determine the credibility of your claim. They may go as far as to hire PI’s to surveil you at home and in public.
Attend All Meeting and Appointments-
This is obvious, yet many people still fail to do it. Never miss a meeting, hearing, or appointment related to your claim. Failing to attend all these meeting and appointments could result in the termination of your benefits.

Report Your Injuryworkmans compensation

Don’t hesitate to report your injury. As soon as you possibly can, you should report the injury to your boss and write a statement. Your employer should have the documentation you need to fill out already on hand.

Receive Immediate Medical Treatment

Receiving medical treatment as soon as possible is important in the obvious sense so that your injuries are tended to. However, there is another aspect of quickly receiving medical treatment that relates to your workers’ comp claim. If you delay receiving medical treatment. Delaying medical treatment will give the insurance company the argument that there was no accident or that it wasn’t serious enough to warrant workers’ comp benefits.

Attend Your IME

IME stands for Independent Medical Examinations. These are scheduled by the insurance company to determine the extent of your injury. These are required. Not attending could lead to the termination of all benefits. You should prepare for these appointments by consulting with an attorney that is skilled in workers’ comp benefits.

Understand You Benefits

Last of all, it’s important to understand that there are many different types of workers’ comp benefits. You should become familiar with the different types of insurance offered by your state. If you don’t know what is available, you won’t know what is best for you.

Above is a valuable guide for what you can do maximize your workers’ comp claim. However, there is one more thing you do. That is hiring a qualified lawyer to help you through this difficult process. If you are in the Billings area, Tourtlotte Law is only one call away from helping your receive the benefits you deserve.